Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…

I finally did it.

I took the leap.

I jumped off the existential cliff into the great unknown.

Why all this drama, you ask? I quit my job, accepted a job in South Korea and am going to travel the world and write about my experiences.

Basically I’m living the dream.

To back it up a bit, there were a lot of deciding factors that went into my decision. Well, one big one: there are so many amazing places in the world and I want to see them all. I have always had a romantic notion that I could take off Burroughs-style and meet new people. Or that I could hang out in coffee shops like Hemingway (even though I can’t stand the guy) and devote my time to writing, drinking coffee and petting cats. OK, maybe I came to some of those conclusions while sitting around in Morocco drinking mint tea and writing in my journal, but. Whatever the case, up until now I have been afraid of uncertainty, for whatever reason. A large part of me likes having plans and knowing where I am going– almost to the extent that I over plan and over plan until my plans are barely recognizable and I end up failing to have a plan at all. It’s quite ridiculous.

All of that being said, I have become a South Korean visa expert and all of my paperwork should be ready in the next few weeks. Factoring in any other job offers, further visa complications, etc., I will be teaching in South Korea in September. Yay, right?

The only thing left to decide is if my juicer will fit in my suitcase.

To be continued…

One thought on “Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…

  1. Hello Carrot, Victoria, Virginia. I’m following ur blog now. Yeah for me! I’m a juicer, too. Like to add a little beet in with the carrots, apples, ginger and lemon. Try shipping ur juicer to So. Korea. Excited to hear more of ur adventures!

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