Black Sun and Food Sovereignty

One of the most recent books I read, “Black Sun” by Rebecca Roanhorse was an epic fantasy centered around precolonial American. In it, Roanhorse uses the rich history and diversity of precolonial America for a very inclusive work of fantasy, so different from anything I’ve read. The world building was extraordinary, but as always, foodContinue reading “Black Sun and Food Sovereignty”

Five Books I’ve Read Recently

The English teacher in me would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the last few books that I’ve read  with some of the extra time that I have. I tend to get pretty sentimental, and often like to travel to places that I’ve read about, and vice versa. At the moment, while in quarantine,Continue reading “Five Books I’ve Read Recently”

On how India always manages to redeem herself…

Sometimes we feel pretty discouraged by how unnecessarily complicated India seems, but India always redeems itself and turns everything around for the better. One rainy Friday in Rishikesh, we decided to rent a scooter– we had rented one a few days before, but we thought we’d try a different place with better reviews. For aboutContinue reading “On how India always manages to redeem herself…”

Budget Travel– or learning that trying to save money sometimes costs more

The first time Giovanni and I went to India together, it was the middle of summer in monsoon season, so we headed for the hills to cool off. While wandering around Shimla, a former British hilltown, we decided that a trip to England would be in order. So the next summer, we, of course, wentContinue reading “Budget Travel– or learning that trying to save money sometimes costs more”

Bread of the World: Austria

One of my favorite things to bake, and well, eat for that matter, is bread. I know it doesn’t get more basic than bread and butter, but it really is one of my favorite snacks, and sometimes meals. I credit my mom with this habit– she always baked a fresh loaf of bread every weekContinue reading “Bread of the World: Austria”

A Tribute to Travel, Food and Cats: Volume 1

While I have been thinking and thinking about the amazing food I gorged on in Asia this summer, I’ve also been thinking a lot about all the street cats I saw and how very few cats I see these days. Of course my response is to try to cook the food that I ate, soContinue reading “A Tribute to Travel, Food and Cats: Volume 1”

chickpea, beet and kale soup and enough broth to live on for years…

It has been a long time since I have blogged, but I’m sticking to the excuse that while in Korea I didn’t have a full kitchen to test recipes, I was backpacking around Asia after my teaching contract ended and upon returning home I was bombarded with grad school homework. In my free time IContinue reading “chickpea, beet and kale soup and enough broth to live on for years…”

the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1

Last week I was going over to a friend’s house to cook so I decided to soak some chickpeas overnight and bring over a bag full. I couldn’t fill the whole bag, so tons were left over and I figured I’d cook them relatively soon. Then I proceeded to have a very lazy Sunday andContinue reading “the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1”