carrot, shallot and spinach omcakes

I have a really hard time understanding why anyone would eat anything but breakfast foods. I suppose if you’re eating breakfast foods for every meal, the food ceases to be breakfast. Case in point: pancakes. I love pancakes. After feeling sick Monday night and only eating a bowl of soup, I decided I wanted some rich carbohydrates and protein.Continue reading “carrot, shallot and spinach omcakes”

zucchini and leek galette des hommes

On a fine Sunday afternoon in Bellingham, I found myself casually stolling around the quiet downtown streets with my arms full of records. We had wandered downtown with the hopes of scoring big in the free piles, and score we did. Anyway, we happened to walk past a restaurant called MANPIES on the way home.Continue reading “zucchini and leek galette des hommes”

Musings on lemons

I eat A LOT of lemons, usually in water. Sometimes by themselves. Sometimes in cake. I even made some lavender lemonade a few weeks ago. Anyway, I was shocked when I received an email yesterday which stated eating lemons prevents and cures cancer. Honestly, I thought it looked like BS, mostly because the whole email was written in the casual typeface comic sans, but sinceContinue reading “Musings on lemons”