Five Books I’ve Read Recently

The English teacher in me would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the last few books that I’ve read  with some of the extra time that I have. I tend to get pretty sentimental, and often like to travel to places that I’ve read about, and vice versa. At the moment, while in quarantine,Continue reading “Five Books I’ve Read Recently”

Bread of the World: Austria

One of my favorite things to bake, and well, eat for that matter, is bread. I know it doesn’t get more basic than bread and butter, but it really is one of my favorite snacks, and sometimes meals. I credit my mom with this habit– she always baked a fresh loaf of bread every weekContinue reading “Bread of the World: Austria”

Musings on lemons

I eat A LOT of lemons, usually in water. Sometimes by themselves. Sometimes in cake. I even made some lavender lemonade a few weeks ago. Anyway, I was shocked when I received an email yesterday which stated eating lemons prevents and cures cancer. Honestly, I thought it looked like BS, mostly because the whole email was written in the casual typeface comic sans, but sinceContinue reading “Musings on lemons”