the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1

Last week I was going over to a friend’s house to cook so I decided to soak some chickpeas overnight and bring over a bag full. I couldn’t fill the whole bag, so tons were left over and I figured I’d cook them relatively soon. Then I proceeded to have a very lazy Sunday andContinue reading “the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1”

Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…

I finally did it. I took the leap. I jumped off the existential cliff into the great unknown. Why all this drama, you ask? I quit my job, accepted a job in South Korea and am going to travel the world and write about my experiences. Basically I’m living the dream. To back it upContinue reading “Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…”