the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1

Last week I was going over to a friend’s house to cook so I decided to soak some chickpeas overnight and bring over a bag full. I couldn’t fill the whole bag, so tons were left over and I figured I’d cook them relatively soon. Then I proceeded to have a very lazy Sunday andContinue reading “the sprouted chickpea files: volume 1”

sweet potato lentil soup and tea culture

Lentils are hard to come by in South Korea. Unfortunately for me, I normally eat lentils about once or twice a week. However, I was very lucky to have my pal Kaz visit me about a month ago and bring me an ample supply of split red lentils and toothpaste with fluoride (OK, I knowContinue reading “sweet potato lentil soup and tea culture”

a very hummus sunday

To me, there is no food more satisfying and delicious as the chickpea. The recipe variations endless and it is both filling and nutritious. Like lentils, chickpeas provide plenty of protein, are tasty and are satisfying. At home, chickpeas and lentils are a staple in my diet. Of course at home, it is easy toContinue reading “a very hummus sunday”

the curried persimmon soup of cultural dissonance

The past week has been a challenge, but I’ve decided to stop being a hermit, make a batch of soup and then write about it. I will start by saying I have had a cold (most likely sinus infection) for over a week and a half now. This, of course, has not slowed down myContinue reading “the curried persimmon soup of cultural dissonance”

Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…

I finally did it. I took the leap. I jumped off the existential cliff into the great unknown. Why all this drama, you ask? I quit my job, accepted a job in South Korea and am going to travel the world and write about my experiences. Basically I’m living the dream. To back it upContinue reading “Can I bring my juicer to South Korea? Life and other musings…”